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Welcome to Late Fall: Mondor Style!

1 November 2013     Leave a Comment

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Here it is, so many girls’ favorite time of year: autumn is in full swing, and with it comes many, many layers. Welcome to late fall fashion! Here at Oya Bodywear, we are so excited to be stacking the warehouse with fun new products to keep you warm and adorable this fall and winter. In fact, we have great news: we just received a shipment from a new supplier we are working with called Mondor. We have some fantastic new tights from them that range from sexy and stylish to cute and cozy. We decided to peruse some fashion blogs to give you ideas for how to wear them, too! There is something for every girl, have a look. Then mosey over to our site to see the rest of the new Mondor Collection!





Dragonfly Motif Tights

















Though these cute, simple Dragonfly motif tights are thin for fall, we know how layered fashion is when it gets cold. Here in Canada, it is as practical as it is stylish. We recommend you pair these cute tights with a big, wooly sweater, a big scarf and a fun floppy hat like in the image shown here. To complete the same look as this pretty lady, why not add some wrinkled down knee socks?






Light Weight Cotton Tights


Lightweight Cotton Tights















Give her a high boot, a cute jacket and a swanky purse and this girl is ready for a sunny day on the boardwalk in late November. These Lightweight Cotton tights complete the look and make your shopping experience as warm as it needs to be. Extra warmth required? No problem. You can double up on tights here.







Herringbone Motif Black Tights

















We see you there, perusing the racks, you early shopper, you. We know you are looking around – in NOVEMBER! for that perfect Chistmas and New Years dress. We sympathize – we love getting our shopping done early. Once you have that great dress, why not match it up with there classic Herringbone tights – nearly anything will match their simple, slightly geometric pattern.









Merino Wool Tight with Ribbed Pattern

Merino Wool Gray Tights














Everyone can agree on one thing: looking good is positively worthless if you aren’t comfortable. Keeping warm is super important for canadian winters, but feeling good makes it much more bearable. These sensational Merino wool tights come in a soft flannel gray and a rich graphite mix, and they are THE warmest tights you will ever buy. Just throw on your boots, a big woolen coat and a scarf, and voilà! Go on, December, get at us…we will be waiting.












Microfiber Tights Berry

Microfiber Tight Berry


















Nothing says bold like bright tights. Add them to any predominantly gray or black outfit to create a nice splash of color that will warm your tootsies right up! These microfiber berrry-colored tights are great for dressing up for dinner parties, or dressing down and throwing tons of layers on top of! Why not pair them with a knee sock for extra winter warmth?









Equestrian Leggings

Equestrian Leggings













If all fails in the realm of tights and your legs just can’t handle that cold November air, turn to our brand new Mondor equestrian leggings. With their cozy four way stretch fabric and their leather side panels, they’ll make any sweater feel like a sexy choice for an autumn day. Throw on a pair of heels and a cute top and you’re ready for Friday night. We love these!