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Love Ain’t Nothing But A G-string

23 January 2014     Leave a Comment

Plus Sizes, Shapewear



Alright girls, here’s the truth: I am not the biggest fan of Valentine’s Day. Why? It usually makes me feel pressured to be in a relationship. But let’s get down to the nitty-gritty: what are we really celebrating on the 14th of February? A relatively cool guy who lived to celebrate “courtly love”. For me, anyone who wants to highlight love of any kind in today’s world is probably not someone to snivel or sneer at. Love for your family, friends, neighbours, co-workers, partners: all of it can be celebrated on this holiday, and I strongly encourage it. However, we often forget one very special kind of love: love for ourselves. Taking some time for me, myself and I is crucial and significantly more satisfying than focusing on a person who has yet to materialize.

This is the part where I want to curl up in my multi-colored bathrobe and watch episodes of Charmed all night. That is one way to feel replete with your Valentine’s day (I’ve done it, I liked it). Another would be throwing on the sexiest outfit you have and having a great night out downtown with your friends, who you love, right? See what I did there? I figured I’d throw together some sexy outfits – ones you can wear on dates or ladies night – and match them up with sexy shape wear. Saint Valentine would approve of us, loving ourselves, our bodies and our Valentine’s day plans. Check out the sexy pieces I left out of this post here.





Bodywrap High Waist Nude Plus Size















So you’ve got a stunning event to go to. Whether you are flying solo, riding dirty with the ladies, or a with a cute dude, you must blow every single solitary sock off, into oblivion. No problem. No matter the down you desire to rock, this high waist nude shaper will hug and compliment your beautiful curves – plus it is made of a super comfy fabric goes all the way up, and all the way down to the knee, avoiding any awkward lines – so you can be worry-free AND a sock exterminator. Lucky gal.






2 in 1 Half Slip Nude














For small-busted ladies, very few things are sexier than a backless dress. Why? Simple: while other girls maybe pre-occupied by showcasing their more obvious assets (breasts, bum, curvy waist), many of them forget the back. But something low cut on your back requires you to garner support from something that isn’t a bra. Try this fantastic maxi-control-multi-function slip. It will give you peace of mind about what people are staring at – because they are all staring, by the way.



Miraclesuit Shapewear Waist Cincher Black


















So you wanna rock that little leopard print number that you bought on sale last summer thinking you’d lose five pounds, but your exercise regime took a winter vacation? I understand, mine seems to have done the same. Not to fret, we have just the thing: it is called a Miracle Suit Waist Cincher. It will make you feel and look like the superhero it sounds like it was named after. Throw it on under your dress and enjoy the sound of your zipper flying up with ease.








Bodywear Thong Body Shaper Nude


















There’s nothing worse than having to deal with static in a fabric that just won’t go away. The pantylines are positively unforgiving, both for your bra and underwear. So why not try out this thong body shaper in nude? No one will know that pantylines were ever an issue. Not only that, but this bodysuit hugs your natural shape to make you look like a million bucks in any dress you own!







Yummie Tummie Nadia Bustless Tank Black



















Time for one stupid myth to be busted: a ruched dress does not hide belly rolls – which everyone has, by the way. Contrary to popular belief, belly rolls are not a big deal. But, if you don’t want to throw away that little black dress from Suzy Shier circa 2009 because finding a nice black dress is sometimes harder than meeting a nice guy, we understand. Just throw on one of these Yummie Tummie tanks. Other than having the cutest possible name, , they’re a comfortable alternative to a bustier that will annihilate any signs of tummy rolls. Don’t worry, it also comes in nude, so you can keep your – gulp – ruched white dress too(at your own risk, you strange woman).



Yummie Tummie Lavonne Bustless Slip Nude

lowcut black














You are a sexy, daring, gorgeous woman who is ready for a night on the town with equally sexy best friends. You have a stunning new dress and you’re feeling particularly brave. You’re headed to a club right downtown, and you know your ex will probably be there. You couldn’t care less who he’s with, but you wouldn’t mind throwing off his groove for a minute or two. That is why you need this sexy Yummie Tummie bustless slip: wear your most form fitting, perfectly sizzling push-up bra and rock that dress with smooth confidence. Hopefully for his date, he will be able to keep from drooling, and if he can’t, that is not your problem! Woohoo!




Bodywear Firming Slip Toasted Almond


















We’ve all seen it, and wanted it(and by we I mean me, sigh). The celebrity on the red carpet, having her picture taken with a low cut top that goes down to there, looking like she doesn’t have one single solitary care in the world. You think to yourself “Honey, you are going to fall right outta that top.” But she doesn’t! So you try and emulate her, you buy duct tape, double sided tape or worse, you go without any armor(eep!) and hope for the best. Chill, lady, no need for tape on those nipples. Try this firming slip. It will keep you contained and confident, and prevent any unwanted guest appearances, if you catch my drift.