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These Briefs Are On FIRE!

13 February 2014     Leave a Comment



LADIES BEWARE:  The smoke alarms have gone wild, the temperature in the room has risen, and the wildly sexy, wildly colorful briefs are all over Oya Bodywear. This Valentine’s Day, treat your man to something really special: a few sweet pairs of briefs that simultaneously shout “Honey throw out your nasty old white boxers, they’re grey” AND “These will make me very excited to turn out the lights and snuggle with you”. No man can resist free underwear and free snuggles in one. The perks for you (other than the obvious ones…) include the deal we have going right now! Check out the rest of the fabulously sizzling collection here!


Men's Underwear









Junk Trunk Short Style 07








Are you sick of being the only person in the room wearing bright, flowery “underroos”, as some say? Then look no further than this outrageous little number. The Junk Trunk is deliciously form-fitting and oh-so-comfy – for him, and for you. Nothing spells romance like soft and LOUD undies!






Saxx Ultra Boxer Malibu




Is your beau a water sign? Is he longing to unleash his inner merman? Then he absolutely needs this super sexy pair of Saxx briefs in a beautiful Malibu Blue. But if you guys are headed to the beach, and he has selected these…well, tell him he may wanna refrain from those white cotton pants he loves so much.








Boxer Brief Diablo Red White



Is your fella modest, low key and a tiny bit conservative in his apparel? Does he like being cozy and classy…but have a secret, burning desire to be little sexy? Our Dylan Ribkoff collection is exactly what he needs. Simple, block colors, and soft, form-fitting fabrics make this underwear is the perfect way to make him blush.






Saxx Pro Elite Boxer Rock



Last but not least, we have a solid and striking pair of Saxx Pro Elite Boxer Rock briefs. If any man feels his inner fighter is just dying to jump out of his…uh…pants, then we know just what he is looking for. These form-fitting briefs look like armor, and will make any boy feel like a big, strong, warrior man! CAN SOMEONE SAY SPARTA PLEASE?!



Men’s Underwear – Spotlight on Dylan Ribkoff

25 March 2013     Leave a Comment



I have been buying boxer short for many years and had pretty much figured out which styles were the most comfortable. For me at least, buying your underwear has never been something that should take up that much time or occupy much space in my daily life. Since I am not really hung up about buying the right brands, over the years I think I must of tried just about every brand available. After all, it’s not like I am going to go around showing off my underwear brand!

As a purposeful shopper, when I shop for men’s underwear I would have a mental list of the brands and styles and I would go with the best deal and buy a whole bunch. So when I was given a pair of Dylan Ribkoff underwear, I didn’t really thinking this was going to change the way I shopped. I just thought, “ok, another nice pair to add to my underwear collection”. In fact, the first pair of Dylan Ribkoff was an eye-opener.  First of all the colour of the underwear was ocean blue – clearly far more adventurous than I was accustomed to, and there was absolutely no way that you couldn’t notice them in your drawer (for that matter in the locker room as well).  But when I put on these briefs I was simply amazed at the comfort. I thought

Ocean Blue Boxers

to myself, “great, nice addition. Hopefully they will stand up to my mean old washing machine” and didn’t think much more about it.  So weeks and months have gone by and I always reach for that lone blue pair of Dylan Ribkoff underwear in my drawer and it is the most comfortable pair. It has stood up to my mean old washing machine and colour is still nice an bright so I am definitely a fan of the brand.  Who would have thought?



Unfortunately I did have one bad thing to report. I am a big lover of chocolate and my daughter gave me a wonderful Lindt Easter Egg wrapped in its foil. Very sweet of her of course, but I thought I would save it for latter and left it in my pant pocket only to discover that it melted all over pants and my Dylan Ribkoff underwear.  I didn’t really like those pants anyway, but on my Dylan Ribkoff’s?  Seriously? Good thing I now have another pair!