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    Men’s Underwear – Spotlight on Dylan Ribkoff

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    I have been buying boxer short for many years and had pretty much figured out which styles were the most comfortable. For me at least, buying your underwear has never been something that should take up that much time or occupy much space in my daily life. Since I am not really hung up about buying the right brands, over the years I think I must of tried just about every brand available. After all, it’s not like I am going to go around showing off my underwear brand!

    As a purposeful shopper, when I shop for men’s underwear I would have a mental list of the brands and styles and I would go with the best deal and buy a whole bunch. So when I was given a pair of Dylan Ribkoff underwear, I didn’t really thinking this was going to change the way I shopped. I just thought, “ok, another nice pair to add to my underwear collection”. In fact, the first pair of Dylan Ribkoff was an eye-opener.  First of all the colour of the underwear was ocean blue – clearly far more adventurous than I was accustomed to, and there was absolutely no way that you couldn’t notice them in your drawer (for that matter in the locker room as well).  But when I put on these briefs I was simply amazed at the comfort. I thought

    Ocean Blue Boxers

    to myself, “great, nice addition. Hopefully they will stand up to my mean old washing machine” and didn’t think much more about it.  So weeks and months have gone by and I always reach for that lone blue pair of Dylan Ribkoff underwear in my drawer and it is the most comfortable pair. It has stood up to my mean old washing machine and colour is still nice an bright so I am definitely a fan of the brand.  Who would have thought?



    Unfortunately I did have one bad thing to report. I am a big lover of chocolate and my daughter gave me a wonderful Lindt Easter Egg wrapped in its foil. Very sweet of her of course, but I thought I would save it for latter and left it in my pant pocket only to discover that it melted all over pants and my Dylan Ribkoff underwear.  I didn’t really like those pants anyway, but on my Dylan Ribkoff’s?  Seriously? Good thing I now have another pair!


    Top Shapewear and Hosiery Brands

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    Shop by brands for top shapewear and hosiery brands at Oya Bodywear

    Plus size hosiery and shapewear for women

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    Plus Sizes



    Welcome to Oya Bodywear plus size shapewear and hosiery for women

    Hosiery Canada – Spotlight on Gabriella Hosiery

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    Oya Bodywear Gabreilla Hosiery

    We just received a large shipment of stockings and stay ups from Gabriella hosiery and these are now available to purchase on our Oya Bodywear website. We had first meet with Gabriella about a year ago and found that not only did Gabriella carry a great selection, they also had an amazing quality product so we were really excited to receive this shipment.

    We are carrying over 20 styles of Gabriella hosiery including a wide selection of glamorous stockings, hold-ups, tights and socks that range in price from $3.95 all the way up to $30.00. We think that the Gabriella collection offers a terrific selection combining European stylishness and quality at a highly competitive price point. Most of Gabriella’s styles are available in small, medium and large and some styles are available in Extra Small and Extra Large sizes.

    About Gabriella – Gabriella hosiery is a fast growing European hosiery brand and has a wide assortment of tights, stockings, leggings, knee-ups and socks. Gabriella hosiery is designed and manufactured in Poland and exported throughout Europe and now to North America. All Gabriella hosiery products uses the latest technologies with Italian, British and Japanese machinery from Savio Matec, Lonati, Detexomat, Tocatori. Gabriella pays particular attention to the quality of its products beginning with the selection of its yarns all the way through to its production process.